Ti​​​.​​​Me. 8: Maze 九州蓝调 (2016)

by Meng Tian

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Ben I Sabbah
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Ben I Sabbah mein favorit aus dieser sammlung einzelner song-veröffentlichungen ...das rockt! ;-)
(wird das ganze später auch als album veröffentlicht??) i prefer the chinese versions! Favorite track: 九洲蓝调.
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released October 16, 2016

Music and lyrics written by Meng Tian.

Meng Tian (Vocals)
Tim Kleinert (Keys & Sound Design)
Roli Mosimann (Drums & Loops)
Martin Koller (Guitar)
Oliver Süess (Bass)

Mixed by Roli Mosimann.
Mastered by Tim Young.

Artwork by GemLion.



all rights reserved


Meng Tian Zürich, Switzerland

Swiss-based, Chinese-born artist Meng Tian made a name for herself as a gifted vocalist and songwriter with the release of her debut album "New Start" in 2008. Since then she has played shows in the United States, China and Europe whilst steadily building a reputation as a captivating and inspiring live performer. ... more

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Track Name: Maze
Monday morning getting up, running, rushing, hustling, the world is ready to get the groove on
From bills to pay, money to make, votes to win to respect to gain, all the things that people chase
Everyday is exactly the same, we’re building lives like they’re here to stay
Because this chase should eventually lead you and me to a better, higher place

Tuesday an old man sits down next to me, a train ride long he tells his stories
From ghts with the neighbors over trucks and pretty girls to shovelling coal for the town
He said: sooner or later you’ll realise, it’s a maze you’re in and you’re running out of time
Because all these things you do to kill time is spending at the cost of your life

Wake up, ding dong, spinning around...
Everyday is exactly the same
If I’m paying with my life I better know what i really want in time Because all these things I do to kill time is spending at the cost of my life

You’re only killing time (3x) but you’re feeling fine
we’re only killing time, we’re only killing time
and we’re doing fine, all standing here in line

In this maze there is no guide so we better know what we really want in time
Cause all these things we do to kill time is spending at the cost of our lives
Track Name: 九洲蓝调
一觉醒来桌上的闹钟叮当乱响, 眼睛迷糊地张望
再次衡量自己的初衷和别人的期望, 能否有共同的土壤
我一个人能改变多少, 众人的大船行驶不会变方向

新年我下定决心换个地方, 到外面的世界闯荡
但环境不同问题相像, 纠结总是围绕在我身旁

醒来, 迷糊, 衡量, 期望,
想走出这原地转圈儿的迷茫, 哪条路才通向前方?

不是我不明白, 这世界变化快 (2x)
不是我不明白, 这世界变,变
不是我不明白, 这世界

直径在哪儿没人知道, 但走着心就少些迷茫